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SPD Staffing and Productivity Assessment

Working with Lean processing engineers, IMS developed a proprietary assessment based on OR case history, case mix, equipment capacity, and tray processing volume. This assessment helps facilities:
  • Accurately benchmark SPD productivity
  • Develop and validate proper SPD staffing levels
For a one-time fee, IMS provides a detailed report showing:
  • Routine processing demand at facility
  • Comparison of current productivity metrics to industry standards
  • Proposed schedule to optimize staffing by day of week and hour of day

In facilities throughout the country, this assessment has enabled managers to accurately set budgets and establish appropriate staffing levels.

Ready to Start?

Call 800.783.9251, ext. 3480, or e-mail for a password that will allow you access to our staffing assessment at

IMS Central Sterile Process Management® can help if your facility is:
  • Struggling to provide accurate and on-time case carts
  • Struggling to train, mentor and educate Sterile Processing staff and management
  • Faced with increased instrument repair or replacement costs
  • Concerned about surgeon retention and satisfaction
  • Seeking hands-on expertise focusing on process improvements in Sterile Processing
The IMS Central Sterile Process Management® program provides:

Customized solutions for process improvements in Sterile Processing, up to and including:

  • Full department outsourcing
  • OR Liaisons
  • Permanent and interim Sterile Process management
  • Twenty four project-based solutions
  • Supplemental capital equipment that becomes property of facility
  • Phased approach to assure Sterile Processing success beyond IMS’ engagement
  • High return on investment typically including reduced HR costs for hiring, training, and overtime; reduced instrument replacement and repair costs; improved on-time starts; increased surgeon satisfaction/retention

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