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The Cube Vendor Tray Management Program

The Cube transforms the way in which we sterilize multiple trays of surgical instruments for a single case. Facilities can now load their vendor trays into one unit, process them, and then conveniently transport them directly to the OR for immediate use.

Features include:

  • No wrapping/unwrapping necessary
  • Sterilize up to 12 trays per load
  • Transportation system enables easy transit to the OR
  • For use with uncovered, perforated or wire mesh general delivery trays

“We can fit an extra case in each OR every day... that’s how much time we save up there. I feel like I am helping hundreds of patients get their surgery done sooner so they don’t have to wait as long. It’s a great feeling.”
— Brent D., FH Altamonte Springs

Contact Bill Hoff at for more information!


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