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Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning

Clean Sterilizers Perform Better

Proactive chamber cleaning of steam sterilizers is highly recommended as part of an ongoing maintenance program to ensure your sterilizer continues to perform to your expectations. That’s why AORN and AAMI* recommend regular chamber cleaning in their equipment maintenance guidelines.

STERIS Instrument Management Services’ patented chamber cleaning system:

  • Removes most substances built up on chamber walls that can contaminate sterile packs or lead to drain system blockage
  • Promotes efficient heating within the chamber walls
  • Improves sterilizer chamber aesthetics and extends useful life
  • Can eliminate unnecessary downtime and chargeable service calls
  • Is compact and self-contained so that adjacent equipment can be used during cleaning

Added Benefits:
Our system is an environmentally safe, 3 – 5 hour automated process that can be scheduled during off hours.

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