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Instrument Repair

OR Instrument Repair

IMS offers complete surgical instrument repair of general stainless, specialty stainless, and minimally invasive or laparoscopic instruments utilized in the operating room. The IMS offerings encompass complete set restoration, on-location instrument renewal, gold plating, and color coding. Rapid turnaround time with dependable instrument repair service.

Premium Instrument Set Restoration

Surgeons require precision performance from their specialty instrument sets. Yet, a high level of proactivity and particular expertise is required to keep these costly instruments in like-new condition. IMS helps facilities meet the needs of surgeons, maximize investment specialty sets, and ensure that sets are ready when the surgical team is ready. Premium restoration provides like-new functional operation and aesthetic appearance, including:

  • All services relating to functional performance - including replacement of worn, missing, or broken parts; sharpening; alignment; adjustment; tightening; insert replacement; and general renewal.
  • Premium aesthetic services including ultrasonic cleaning and revitalization; satin or mirror refinishing; and refurbishment of gold plating, providing surgeons a like-new look and feel.

IMS Minimally Invasive Instrument Restoration

Maintaining delicate minimally invasive surgical instrumentation presents a number of challenges. IMS provides ongoing service for these sets, including:

  • Highly-trained IMS technicians rapidly return the function of your MIS instrumentation to like-new status (including sharpening, alignment, and tightening).
  • Preventive Maintenance to maximize performance and patient safety
  • Insulation-integrity testing and replacement of compromised insulation to ensure safety of the patient and surgical team
  • Functional inspections and thorough cleaning to mitigate infection-control issues
  • 90-day warranty coverage for IMS restoration services

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