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Vikon® Surgical Purchases Technology for ONE HEADLIT® Surgical Headlight, October 01, 2013

Vikon® Surgical, a developer of emerging surgical technologies, has acquired the ONE Technology platform and its first product, the ONE HEADLIT® surgical headlight, from Alpha Med-Surge, Inc.   

ONE (Optical Navigation Engine) Technology is an advanced solid state illumination platform that combines the benefits and advantages of LED with the power and quality of xenon. The ONE HEADLIT provides surgeons with a high performing, consistently bright white light, optimized color rendering and enhanced tissue differentiation, with a lightweight, tether-free design that allows free movement in the OR. “Outcomes are compromised if the surgeon can’t see clearly, and illumination of the surgical site is critical when differentiating tissue,” said Otis Stroud, National Sales Director for Vikon.

Vikon acquired the ONE Technology platform as part of a broader, ongoing strategy to develop surgical products that improve efficacy through innovation.  “This transaction reflects the forward-looking culture at Vikon,” said Vikon Surgical President Bruce Hoadley. “We strive to become an innovator and leader in surgical illumination and specialty instrumentation. ONE Technology will enable us to develop and deliver products that will optimize visual recognition of specific tissue differentiation for the surgeon. We believe this technology provides the brightest, cleanest light available in today’s OR.”

Vikon Surgical, LLC is a surgical device development, manufacturing and sales company focused on bringing innovative technologies and solutions to the surgical marketplace. In 2010, Vikon quickly established market presence with the introduction of the Quick Release Kerrison Rongeur. With its unique design and German craftsmanship, the Quick Release Kerrison Rongeur ensures consistent sharpness, smooth action and ease of cleaning.

Vikon will be showcasing the ONE HEADLIT and Quick Release Kerrison Rongeur at the 28th annual meeting of the North American Spine Society, Oct. 9- 12, in New Orleans, La. For more information, contact Vikon Surgical, or 866-963-3894.

Contact: Bruce Hoadley, or 866-963-3894.


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